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  • Another stainless-steel wonder, except the Appartamento features breathtaking perforations on either side to reveal beautifully contrasted copper or white casings, a design you’ll fail to find anywhere else!

    • Height saver:

      Unlink other coffee machines that often take up quite a lot of space, the Appartamento has a circular feel, meaning it still takes up a good chunk of space, but it doesn’t look like it. Perfect for those with smaller kitchens who need to keep an eye on space without sacrificing their love of coffee.

    • Italian Quality:

      Renowned for their love of coffee, Italy has produced some of the most powerful, breathtaking coffee machines out there, especially seen in the Appartamento!

    • Fitted With an E61 Brew Head:

      This promises a pre-infusion of water that helps settle the grounds within the bed of coffee, not to mention it’s very easy and cheap to repair, with spare parts being readily available!

    • Black Boiler Pressure Gauge:

      This probably caught your eye when you first saw the Appartamento, and for good reason, whilst it looks stunning, it also means you can monitor machine vitals extremely easy!

    • Eco Mode:

      Complete with Economy mode, the Appartamento is better than it’s ever been, simply press the on button on the right side of the machine and you’re good to go, shutting down after 90 minutes for added preservation!

    • Milk Steaming:

      Perfect for cappuccinos and lattes, the Appartamento is extremely flexible, and a great choice if your guests aren’t fans of expressos! There’s plenty of steam to be used, resulting in the coffee of your dreams!

    • Super Quiet:

      Through its vibratory pump, the sound is kept to an absolute minimum, perfect for those early morning coffees when you’re not human, or late night coffee when you need to keep quiet!


    Height 14 in
    Width 10 in
    Depth 16 in
    Cup Clearance 5 in
    Weight 44 lbs


    Voltage 110 V
    Amperage 15 A
    Wattage 1200 W
    Outlet Requirements 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)


    Boiler(s) Material Brass
    Boiler Size 1.8 L
    Certifications none
    Reservoir Size 2.3 L


    Warranty Period 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • If your machine is not meet your expectations within 30 days. You can get your money back!

    • Buyer pays for restocking fee