Quick Mill Alexia Evo

  • $1,395.00 USD
  • A modern twist on the Eliane Quick Mill single-boiler espresso machine, except this time, it’s better, more sophisticated, and absolutely more beautiful. A coffee machine designed to be used rigorously, the Alexia Evo is the ultimate machine for those die-hard coffee lovers that find themselves making multiple trips a day.

    • Built-In PID with Shot Timer:

      The shot timer will quickly evolve into your best friend, giving you pointers about things that may influence the flavor. A true novelty that ultimately resulting in better-tasting coffee without fail!

    • Single Boiler Insulation:

      For added benefit, it features a T.E.A coated boiler that is fully insulated with a velcro boiler wrap, not only helping to minimize heat loss, but also ensuring you get more bang for your buck!

    • Easy Service:

      The Alexia Evo has no-fuss boiler drains that you can access without the issue of having to remove any panels, greatly helping to add to the usability of this machine! Plus it’ll be super easy to move/handle if you need it fixed!

    • Burn Proof Steam Arm:

      A mistake that is all too common in the coffee-making process is the boiling hot steam arm, well wave goodbye to this issue as the Alexia Evo has a no-burn steam arm, protecting you against accidental burns.

    • Added Pulsar:

      Aids greatly in making the pump itself 25% quieter, perfect for those early morning coffees when you’re not human, or late night coffee when you need to keep quiet!

    • Two-hole steam tip:

      Drastically increase the steam intensity, resulting in the perfect brew, and even more perfect microfoam!

    • Custom Knobs:

      Not only do these massively add to the aesthetic value of the Alexia Evo, but they make sure it’s super easy to make a coffee.

    • Hinged Cover:

      No longer will you have to remove the cup warming tray when refilling the tank, it’s on a hinged cover to allow easy, stress--free refilling!


    Height 15 in
    Width 9 in
    Depth 17 in
    Cup Clearance Contact Us for More Information
    Weight 38 lbs


    Voltage 110 V
    Amperage 15 A
    Wattage 1400 W
    Outlet Requirements 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)


    Boiler(s) Material copper/brass- coated
    Boiler Size 0.75 L
    Certifications none
    Reservoir Size BPA Free 3 L


    Warranty Period 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • If your machine is not meet your expectations within 30 days. You can get your money back!

    • Buyer pays for restocking fee