Dream T

  • $2,095.00 USD
  • Perhaps the most technologically advanced coffee machine out there, the Dream T utilizes cutting edge innovation to bring you the coffee you’re craving!

    • Built-in Touchpad:

      Unlike traditional coffee machines, the Dream T comes fitted with a touchscreen pad to make the coffee-making process an absolute breeze!

    • Stainless Steel Front Panels:

      Fitted behind the touchpad, it provides the perfect contrast between technology and high-quality backing, it’s a taste of the future for coffee lovers!

    • Swivel Arm:

      Allows for added maneuverability when preparing your coffee, helping to keep the mess to a minimum, meaning less clean-up time!

    • Super Quiet:

      Through its vibratory pump, the sound is kept to an absolute minimum, perfect for those early morning coffees when you’re not human, or late night coffee when you need to keep quiet!

    • Built-in Clock & Timer:

      It’s never been easier to brew your coffee to perfection, adjust the timer to your preferred readings, and enjoy the perfect coffee, ready to knock your socks off!

    • 4 Programmable Profiles:

      Completely loaded with a memory card reader and writer, this machine has everything you need to make the perfect flavor profile for the whole family or preferred drink!

    • 2 and ½” Clearance:

      Perfectly suited for all your favorite mugs and glasses!

    • Volumetric Dosing:

      Guaranteed precise perfection for each coffee you make, no need to leave it up to guesswork!


    Height 15 in
    Width 16 in
    Depth 16 in
    Cup Clearance 5 in
    Weight 62 lbs


    Voltage 110 V
    Amperage 15/20 A
    Wattage 1200/800 W
    Outlet Requirements 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)


    Boiler(s) Material Copper and Brass Brew Boiler, Stainless Service Boiler
    Boiler Size .45 / 1.2 L
    Certifications None
    Reservoir Size 2.4 L


    Warranty Period 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • If your machine is not meet your expectations within 30 days. You can get your money back!

    • Buyer pays for restocking fee