Anita Evo

  • $1,595.00 USD
  • New design, and a completely new machine, the Anita Evo is the epitome of style and functionality, boiled into one stunning work of art, a surefire way for you to produce cafe level coffee from the comfort of your own home!

    • Supreme Temperature Control:

      Fitted with an E61 commercial group, you’ll be able to regulate temperature with utmost ease, resulting in a smoother coffee-making experience!

    • 1.6 Liter Steam Boiler

      This means you can steam large amounts of milk all at once, perfect for if you’re preparing coffee for a large group of guests! No need to wait around making multiple batches!

    • Stunning Stainless-Steel design:

      There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than high quality, stainless steel coffee machine in your kitchen, a statement piece that will leave your guests in awe!

    • Hinged Cover:

      No longer will you have to remove the cup warming tray when refilling the tank, it’s on a hinged cover to allow easy, hassle-free refilling!

    • Thermo Siphon Circulation:

      This means you will have a consistent brewing temperature, resulting in a perfectly made coffee, ready to start your mornings off the right way!!

    • Built-in Cup Warmer:

      Perfect for those ice-cold mornings when you need quickly warming up!

    • BPA free water reservoir:

      Bottom-fed to ensure safe and secure operation when making your favorite brew!

    • Magnetic Sensor:

      With a built-in sensor that is extremely precise, the Anita Evo ensures the water tank level does not cut power to pump, it simply cuts the heating circuit meaning there’s zero chance of a pump stopping whilst you’re pulling a shot.


    Height 15 in
    Width 11 in
    Depth 18 in
    Cup Clearance 5 in
    Weight 47 lbs


    Voltage 110 V
    Amperage 15 A
    Wattage 1400 W
    Outlet Requirements 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)


    Boiler(s) Material copper/brass- coated
    Boiler Size 1.6 L
    Certifications none
    Reservoir Size BPA Free 3 L
    Included Accessories Single Spouted Portafilter, Double Spouted Portafilter, Two Insert Baskets, Group Brush, Backflush Disk


    Warranty Period 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • If your machine is not meet your expectations within 30 days. You can get your money back!

    • Buyer pays for restocking fee